Sleep on a Wedge and Improve Reflux

We've been providing reflux wedges and advice to parents and the NHS since 2007! Sleep your baby on a gentle incline and see the difference in their sleep and reflux symptoms.

Reflux Wedges for Baby Reflux

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Gum gets bowels working after caesarean

July 29, 2015

Make sure you chew, to have a…..bowel movement! A cheap and easy way to restore gastrointestinal function, a meta-analysis confirms. Compared with the non-gum chewing group, gum chewing showed a beneficial impact on the major outcomes of digestive system activation, including bowel sound, gas passage and defecation. So ladies, what are you waiting for…get chewing! [...] Read More
babyREFLUX quick tips on adding thickeners to feeds.

July 28, 2015

The first thing to mention here is the need to use a thickener. If your child is very sick, but not losing weight and otherwise well, try to avoid adding a thickener to their feeds because it can lead to constipation, which is best avoided. Make sure that if you do use a thickening agent, [...] Read More
‘Baby on board’ sticker urban myth turns out to be true

July 23, 2015

The almost ubiquitous ‘Baby on Board’ car sticker – used by a million parents to brag about their tiny offspring, or to hope that other road users will overtake carefully – is an important indicator for emergency first responders and should be removed when there isn’t a child in the car. That’s the important advice [...] Read More
Twins and Multiple babies

July 09, 2015

You’ve found yourself with the daunting and exciting task of raising multiple beautiful newborns. They couldn’t wait to reach full term pregnancy and so are a little premature. Their tiny bodies aren’t quite ready to deal with the world yet, and neither are their tummies! Premature babies are more likely to have reflux because their digestive [...] Read More