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Baby Sense Sleep CD's - bond with your baby


    The Baby Sense CD's have been designed by Megan Faure, co-author of Baby Sense, and produced by William Gets, musician and father with a passion for sensory nurturing of babies. For parents who have difficulty encouraging their baby to relax enough to want to sleep, these CD's are a must have.

    • Lala Sleep Sense CD is an instrumental collection of the best loved lullabies.
    • The Lala CD contains singing lullabies to your baby can help shift them into a drowsy state, facilitating an easier transition to the sleep state.
    • It is also one of the most incredible and wonderful ways to bond with your baby.
    • The lyrics are included, as this is not designed to be a solitary exercise, but one to strengthen the tie between parents and baby.
    • Womb to World CD combines soothing womb sounds and white noise to lull, calm and induce sleep.
    • The Womb to World CD contains womb noises, set at the correct volume and frequency just for baby to recognise and relax to.

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