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Formula Milk Powder & Thickener Dispenser

It's early hours, you are half asleep and trying to make up a feed.How many times have you lost count of formula scoops? Was that three or four...have I added thickener....yaaaaaawwwn!

Why don't you give yourself a helping hand and prepare each measurement of formula and dose of thickener for the next few feeds. This clever little device has four screw-on containers which are ideal for hygienic storage and transport of pre-measured powder formulas and pre-dispensed thickeners/Infant Gaviscon. Perfect for night time feeds, traveling and staying ahead of the game!


  • Baby Moov Milk Dispenser has 4 compartments for measuring out milk/thickener
  • Ideal for covering an entire day's feeding requirements
  • Stack-able and interchangeable
  • Two colour variations available

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