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Reflux Changing Mat Wedge - Funky Dots Design

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Having a Changing Mat Wedge in your armoury is particularly important as most babies fill their nappies as soon as feeding occurs and laying your baby flat to change, directly after a feed, will cause a wave of back-flowing of fluids into your babies mouth.

Designed by babyREFLUX specifically to lift your existing changing mat up and raise your baby’s head and chest to a more comfortable position when changing.

  • Place this Changing Mat Wedge directly under your changing mat at the head end.
  • Supplied with four sticky velcro dots, to fix the Changing mat wedge to the your changing mat.
  • Sized to fit most Changing Mats 46cm x 50cm, with rise of 12cm
  • Funky Dots design, easily cleaned, removable PVC cover.
  • Wipe down with a mild solution of warm water & disinfectant or sterilising solution
Available with the matching Funky Dots Changing Mat. (choose from the options below)
Matches the babyREFLUX Play Wedge and Travel Wedge

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