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Clevamama ClevaScoop - save time on baby's bottle!


This genius little scoop saves so much time and feed preparation mishaps! The ClevaScoop™ provides the most accurate formula feed for your baby.

One easy scooping action is all it takes to prepare your baby's bottle the right way, every time and it reduces the risk of overfeeding your baby or under-preparing a feed.

The patented ClevaScoop™ was developed in collaboration with the world's #1 research institute for infant formula and is proven to be more accurate when tested against all other formula scoops.Tests prove that the ClevaScoop™ is more accurate because;

  • Eliminates miscounting of scoops (how many times have we been bleary-eyed and squidgy-brained whilst making the feed and forgetting how many scoops we've put in!)
  • Reduces the frequency of compacted or partially air filled scoops.
  • Eliminates the clogging of scoop caused by steam.

ClevaScoop ensures your baby will always have a nutritionally balanced feed. The BPA Free ClevaScoop™ could not be easier to use - simply adjust the cup to the required size of feed, scoop, level and pour. The spatula/funnel that is included makes it easy for levelling your scoop and funneling the powder into your Baby's bottle without spillage.

Compatible with all leading brands of infant formula from 0 to 12 months including SMA, Cow & Gate and Mulipa Actamil. Suitable for all methods of sterilising.

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