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Bandana DryBib for babies that dribble a lot!

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Hello, we are Catherine, Elizabeth, Ivy, Jack, Lucille, Maria, Minnie and Sinatra – your baby's favourite daily-use dribble bib!

We are ideal for babies that dribble a lot or those who suffer with reflux as we keep baby’s skin dry whilst allowing it to still breath, this helps to prevent dribble rash on baby’s neck and chest. Our cotton top layer absorbs wetness and disperses it so that the air can dry us quicker and our polyester fleece under layer is water repellent and acts as a barrier so baby doesn’t feel any discomfort or wetness without the need for a PVC layer.

We have two nickel free fastening clasp poppers that allow us to be able to fit not only young babies but also toddlers and children up to five years old very comfortably.

A little bit about each of us.

Elizabeth is White but has a range of varying shades of Blue spots.

Ivy and Jack are simple and purely one colour (Ivy is Mint Green and Jack is Lilac).
Lucille is White but has dominantly Purple shaded spots paired with refreshing Lime Green.
Maria and Minnie are both Red however Maria is enveloped in small skull and crossbones whereas Minnie is dotted with White spots.
Finally we have Sinatra who has a funky range of colours that are Orange, Lime and Olive green.

We are all limited edition, designed by Bipi Stuff in Denmark and made to the highest standard.

(Always remove a bib when putting baby down for a sleep)

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