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Folksy Foresters Buddies - perfect companion


These soft animal cuddly toys are perfect companion for your little one. A set of three or choose from Mr Bear, Mr Fox or Mr Racoon.

Mr Bear likes nothing more than to laze around in the midday sun, catching up on snoozing between honey collecting and watching the river pass by. He's always ready to settle down for a nap by cuddling up close to everyone he meets.

Mr Fox is always ready to make a good first impression with his bright red coat and jet black tail tip. He's a charming little fellow fit for cuddling up close to everyone he meets.

Mr Racoon likes to dash around chasing the leaves in the forest. After such a busy day, he's always ready to cuddle up close and curling his tail around the next person he meets!

  • Features colourful soft corduroy fabrics
  • Size 13"L x 6"W x 9"H

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