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Giant Turtle Mobile - fantastical hand made


If you were reading a bedtime story about a giant turtle flying though the sky, you might be reminded of the fantastical stories of Roald Dahl?

This beautiful and unique hand made quality mobile is guaranteed to evoke wonderful thoughts and day dreams for your little ones.

Unlike any other mobile you'll ever see, this is a work or art!

This exquisite hand made metal Giant turtle mobile. One of the larger mobiles we stock in this range. Every single part of this mobile has grace and enchantment. The fairy child riding the back of the turtle is has a wonderful expression of fun about her. She has wings herself, making her a magical figure in the mind of the viewer. The turtle is purple and elegant with a cute expression. Incorporated in the balloon itself are fantasy birds, birds, and blue twines.

  • Made in France,
  • Individually boxed.
  • Perfect as a gift
  • Not a toy

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