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Momby Feeding Seat Positioner


Provide your baby with a supported feeding position to help them to relax into the feed. Using a Momby Baby Support ensures that your baby is not slumped while feeding and also works well to support your baby in an upright position after feeding. This has proven to be an effective in the management of infant reflux.

  • Innovative light-weight baby feeding seat
  • support your baby's head, neck and back
  • improves comfort and posture during feeding.
  • Assists mothers who have had long labours or c/section
  • Assisting with the establishment of correct breast-feeding position.
  • Corrected feeding position allows feeds to be digested better
  • Stops your baby being bent in the middle!
  • Suits newborn infant ~ 6months
  • Colours Blue, Pink
  • Dimensions: Weight:180g. Size: H: 60cm x W:21cm x D: 13cm
  • Materials: Outer: Cotton. / Inner: EVA or PE Styrofoam

Use this device when handing a baby to a grandparent or a sibling, as it provides extra support for both the person holding baby and the baby itself.

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