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Oral Syringes (Available in 1ml, 2ml and 5ml)


Oral Syringes are usually supplied with prescribed medication, by the pharmacist. However, some do not supply every time and most families find one syringe is not enough between prescriptions. Children and babies are often prescribed doses of liquid medicine that are very small or hard to measure using a normal 5ml medicine spoon. In addition, babies and small children may not be able to take the medicine from a spoon. An oral syringe is a measuring device used to accurately measure small doses of liquid medicine, which are then given to your child by mouth.

We stock a range of Syringes from 1ml for tiny doses to 5ml for more standard dosage.

  • Made by B & D (Becton, Dickinson and Company) global medical technology company
  • Will dishwash safely in the top rack, (although repeated washes will remove the print eventually)
  • Bundled into sets of 5 syringes.
  • Also available in boxes of 100, if you prefer to throw away after each use.

How to use an oral syringe

  • Wash your hands.
  • If the medicine is a suspension, the label will remind you to shake the bottle.
  • Turn the bottle at an angle and put the syringe into the liquid.
  • Pull the plunger of the syringe back so that the medicine is drawn from the bottle into the syringe. Pull the plunger back to the point on the scale that corresponds to the dose prescribed for your child.
  • Turn the bottle back the right way up and carefully remove the syringe.
  • Gently put the tip of the syringe into the child’s mouth, to the inside of the child’s cheek.
  • Slowly and gently push the plunger down to gently squirt the medicine into the inside of your child’s cheek. Allow them to swallow it.
  • DO NOT forcefully push down the plunger, or squirt the medicine to the back of the child’s mouth or throat, as your child may choke.
  • Remove the syringe from your child’s mouth.
  • Replace the lid on the bottle.
  • Rinse the syringe in warm water and leave to dry.
  • Repeat the above for each dose as instructed by your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Always follow the printed label on the bottle and use your medicines as directed by your doctor or pharmacist.

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