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Reflux Support Pack


Free with every Wedgehog!

The Reflux Support Pack provides practical advice and guidance for those just starting or throughout your reflux journey.

What does the pack offer you?

  1. Reflux 101 Book;
  2. Promotions, offers and vouchers for other reflux products;
  3. Membership to refluxSUPPORT - access to the worlds largest and most current reflux library of articles and advice;
  4. Lifetime support and counselling from our advisers and mentors;
  5. Access to reflux ambassadors
  6. Events - exclusive on-line events for support pack members with reflux and sleep experts, nutritionists and maternity nurses.
  7. Q & A Sessions to put your questions to the experts.
  8. Our online 'Coffee Time' and 'Whined Down' chats where you can talk to fellow parents and carers.

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