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The Flowspoon - Early weaning spoon!


Babies suffering with reflux often need to wean earlier than usual, to help them take valuable milk feeds and thickened feeds. This Flowspoon is cleverly designed to hold semi-solid fluids which can then be put to the babies mouth allowing the baby's natural sucking reflex to take the food into their mouth, rather than having to open their mouth for the feeder to pour the food into.

Flowspoon is the first and only baby spoon designed to effortlessly transition baby from bottle or breast feeding to spoon feeding.

Benefits of Flowspoon:

    •    Minimizes the introduction of air that may aggravate reflux.
    •    Your baby can begin to wean with ease.
    •    Less mess.
    •    No BPA or Phthalates.
    •    FDA approved plastic.
    •    Designed by a veteran nanny with two decades of infant feeding experience who studied reflux and swallowing patterns of infants 4-7 months of age.

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